Getting Over Online Poker – A Simple Method For Getting Over It


If you lose online poker, it may or may not be an issue for you. The largest online poker loser in 2008 is reported to be Guy Laliberte, for a staggering sum of 16 million dollars. But it is not clear if this bothers him so much, given that his fortune is worth more than one billion dollars.

The entertainment value for many losing poker players. They can afford to lose and do not wish to change. If you are one of them, stop here. Otherwise, if you love online poker but keep on losing, it may disturb you, make you depressed and ultimately lead to a gambling addiction. So keep reading BandarQ.

If you want to limit your online poker losses, you must change your habits. TVs like Usually Alcohol and Distractions are losing causes. If you really want to limit your losses, you must control the conditions when you play online poker. Always stay focused and sober. The top poker pros never play while drinking. Phil Ivey is famous for his unwavering focus.

Emotionalism, discipline and carelessness are the key to online poker. Poker is a mind game and you can’t lose your mind because of your quouse with a quarrel. You must have and unconditionally follow your game plan. And unlike Guy Laliberte, you must have the biggest sums of money.

Now this article of the crux is the best method of stopping to lose money online poker. This is a very simple method. But often the simplest rules are those that are very powerful for those who apply them.

The rule is simply to play at lower stakes.

Usually the lowest stock available online poker rooms are two cents big blind, ie. A full stack is equivalent to two dollars. To lose five full stacks is a rare event, so that’s your maximum loss per session for ten dollars.

If you play with your friends, you may feel the same high stakes as they do at peer pressure. Do not listen to them. Pride is your worst enemy if you are losing online poker. The most effective method to end this is the lowest possible limit at play. So your loss is under control and you can learn from improvements there.

Beyond the usual five suspects mentioned earlier, online poker is often the result of much pride and rigidity. Start at the lowest stake and learn to be profitable there. Only when you have this low limit, do you have the next limit level and be prepared to come back to this higher level.

The key is that you have nothing to prove. What matters is your wallet and how to protect it. Humility is your best friend if you really want to stop at online poker. Next time you sit down at an online poker table and your results will improve. You’ll lose less, regain your confidence and start thinking about turning into a winner.

Oliver deMetz is a successful online poker player. He often studies, researches and writes about online poker as his passion. He runs pokerbonustips where you can find information about online poker such as cake poker bonus code.

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